About Kiyoh

Kiyoh is a specialist in customer ratings and reviews. Companies use Kiyoh to ask customers for a rating and review and publish these on their webshop. This has advantages not only for consumers, but also for the company itself. Consumers can read the reviews of previous customers and know better what to expect of a company. Companies can learn from the customer feedback. Kiyoh started in 2009 and is growing fast. Meanwhile, there are already thousands of online shops that use Kiyoh to collect ratings and reviews.
How does Kiyoh prevent fake reviews?
Because reliability largely depends on the number of reviews that a company gets, companies have the opportunity to invite their customers for a rating and review, by proactively sending an email request. Although we must admit that no system is completely waterproof, we placed automated and manual barriers as much as possible, that enhance the reliability of reviews and reduce the risk of abuse as much as possible:
  • Only customers are able to give an opinion. This is possible when a company sends an email invite to the customer to write a review. Or the customer can review the company by clicking the 'review' button that is placed on the webpage with all reviews. 
  • The companies and customers who use and write reviews all accept the Kiyoh terms and conditions.
  • All reviews are published. This will give customers insight into the positive aspects of a company, but also the negative aspects of a company.
  • Kiyoh does not re-edit the reviews. The way the customer writes a review, is the way it is published.
  • Companies can write comments on the review. That way a customer can immediately see how a company handles criticism and how they solve problems.
  • Kiyoh will never remove negative reviews for payment. Reviews are only removed when they break the terms and guideliness to write a review. 
  • Kiyoh has built in technical controls to prevent abuse as much as possible. For example, customers can leave a review only once every three month.
  • Kiyoh monitors the reviews and will carry out unannounced and random checks.
How do you recognize Kiyoh Ratings and Reviews?

Companies who use Kiyoh to collect reviews, can be recognized by this Kiyoh widget. With a click on the widget, you can read reviews of every customers who wrote a review. This will help you decide whether you want to go in business with the company.
For example the Kiyoh widget:


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